2022 eCommerce Trends: B2C, B2B, Supply Chain, What You Need to Know?


2022 Overall Trend of eCommerce

The ecommerce trend for 2022 will see shoppers clamoring for unique and limited-edition products online. To stay competitive, brands must provide products that are unique and not widely available. In the last year, Amazon has accounted for nearly half of its units sold – and this number continues to grow. But highly competitive traditional online marketplaces that only focus on low prices and high advertising expenditures may no longer be able to support sellers grow.

2022 B2C Trend

The first 2022 B2C Trend is to partner with brands. More than ever, consumers want brands to stand up for social justice. The trend is driving increased investments in social media, including Facebook and Instagram. This will help companies achieve a variety of B2C goals. However, there are some challenges associated with partnering with B2C. For example, brands may find it difficult to develop a consistent social media strategy if they don’t know how to leverage the power of social media.

2022 B2B Trend

Unlike traditional wholesale or distribution, B2B in 2022 will be more like B2C. As Millennials and Gen Zers are bringing their own digital preferences to the table, and they expect the same in a B2B company. They keep looking for new products and getting new ideas of what happening in their industries. In another words, they are more loyal to “new information” than to “business relationship”. Here’s what to expect in 2022: More content will be available in different channels. It’s critical to understand which ones your audience will prefer to read, and tailor your messages to appeal to that audience.

Will Supply Chain Crisis Persist in 2022?

In simple words, YES, IF you keep looking to source products from overseas. As the world is getting recovered from pandemic and geopolitical tensions are getting higher, dependence on sourcing overseas is no longer sustainable.

So, What Companies Got to Do in 2022?

Here are some suggestions for you:

B2C Sellers Should Be Looking for New Marketplaces

Brand owners should start moving from traditional price/ads-driven online marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart to more content-driven marketplaces like Chatdealz.com. Different from other marketplace, Chatdealz.com is probably the only marketplace nowadays constantly provides product reviews and recommendations for brands.

Be Care of Dealing with“Factories”

Are you still thinking factories are the best place to get cheap products? Wrong! As a matter of fact, all established and qualified factories have long been fully engaged by big retailers like Walmart, Costco or Target. The factories you can approach from Asia would probably a small temporary workshop with 10-200 part-time workers. That means you would have to risk your own money to meet their requirement of MOQ (minimum order quantity) and get some cheap-made products with no warranty, no certificate, or with obvious flaws and hazards.

Direct Source from Online Sellers

Alternative to factories, you will find there’ve been plenty of sellers from Asian countries selling all kinds of products on Amazon or Walmart. With guarantee from these marketplaces, you don’t have to risk your money on MOQ and you don’t need to worry about product quality either. Meanwhile, all inventories are locally in US, Canada, UK and other European Countries.

Get Free Samples Directly from Brands

Another advantage of sourcing from online sellers is you can always get free samples from brands. Unlike giveaway that usually happen to small percentage of winners, no matter you are an Instagram influencer, YouTuber, Blogger, or a Wholesaler, you can always get free samples directly from brands.

Chatdealz: The New way of Doing eCommerce in 2022

Now you may ask “how can I approach brands or sellers directly?”It’s quite simple.

Step 1: Log onto Chatdealz.com, sign in with your Facebook Account or sign up for a new account with either your email address or mobile number.

Step 2: Start browsing or searching for the products you are looking for

Step 3: Open product page, and click “chat” button to talk to sellers directly

That’s it! Bear in mind, if you cannot see the products you are looking for on the search result, you can always email: deals@chatdealz.com and you will get response from Chatdealz Team within 24 hours!


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